Do you pee “just in case”?

I’m going to the store I should go pee “just in case”…Sounds familiar?

I think is is safe to say we’ve all done this and it isn’t something that’s a total NO NO. However, peeing “just in case” repetitively over time can throw off the relationship between the brain and the bladder which potentially will train your bladder to think it is full when it is not. This will lead to urinary urgency and frequency!

A healthy adult should void urine around 6-8 times in a 24 hr time frame, or feel an urge to pee every 2-4 hrs.

There are situations that warrant an ok for “just in case” pee:

🚽Before a long trip or meeting.

🚽Before an exercise class if you have issues with leaking.

🚽Excessive and uncontrollable leaking.


You might joke that you have a bladder the ‘size of a pea’, but if you keep going “just in case”, you’re effectively making your bladder able to tolerate smaller volumes before it thinks it needs to empty.

If you’ve been dealing with urinary urgency/frequency it might be time to start doing some bladder training. A women’s health physiotherapist can teach you how to do that.

Tell me how many times you did “just in case pee” today in the comment.

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